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Glorfie doesn't live here anymore.

I fought in a battle.
I loaned my horse to a short guy stuck with a piece of evil jewelry.
I am Elf.
Hear me roar.
See me primp.

Glorfie played guitar, but for the most part he messed around with Celeborn, bickered like an old highly dysfunctional married couple with an evil god and argued nastily with his adoptive mother-in-law.

Then he was kidnapped and thrown through an interdimensional portal. Celeborn went with him. So did his kids. And his hat, Andronicus, and his Duck. And the goblin, Jareth, in a way. And all of Celeborn's fucking pets. It was like magic. They landed on a big pile of Jell-O. The babies thought it was cool. Cel and Glorfie are still washing it out of their hair.

In Blurty, the streets are paved with gold.

Melted down from the fillings of hobbits.


glorfiestardust There now.